Hi, I'm Clare Raff

I coach career women who live crazy lives on how to TRANSFORM their ENERGY, FIND CALM in their 'BUSY' schedules and ACHIEVE their 'BODY GOALS'.

Energy, Body, Health Course Elite 1-2-1 Coaching
Meet Raff. Your bopping, talking, energising & ridiculously outgoing personal development sister who’s obsessed with showing you how to feel all the good vibes. She’s the one you go to when you just need that positive kick or boost to brighten up your day and smash your goals.
Stirling Uni MSc Gender Studies graduate turned Body Transformation Coach and Group Exercise Wild Child, with a lotta lotta bumps along the road, you’ll find Raff inspiring women from all over the world to tap into their vision, break down their barriers and fight for what they want.
Her secret superpower? Helping women discover their why in order to transform their lives in Energy, Body and Health.
What began as ‘I kinda wanna try this teaching thing’  turned into a thriving community of women chasing their dreams and achieving huge success in mind and body.
From Podcasts, Vlogs, Blogs, Live Speaking Events, Webinars, Group Exercise Classes and even some Insta Stories Raff is here to help support you and show you how to transform.


Listen to our Podcast

R.E.A.L Empowering Women weekly episodes where I sit down with incredible women from all areas of the health and wellness industry to offer you practical advice and education on how to transform how you Look, Think and Feel.

Energy, Body & Health Booster

12 weeks go at your own pace course with weekly education videos, audios, meal templates, recipes and tasks to help you get over food guilt and end yo-yo dieting, train at home or in the gym to achieve your body goals and level up your energy so you can chase your vision and make your dreams your reality.


Work with Clare on a 1-2-1 weekly basis in order to transform your body and mind. Coaching looks at Training, Nutrition, Mindset and 4 other key areas of your life to allow you to become a healthier, happier and more confident YOU.

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